C. Michael Liberato

Available Services or Activities:

  1. Presentations / Seminars
  2. Retreats, Days of Reflection
  3. In-Service Days, Teachers (Elementary, H.S.)
  4. College Courses

Educational Degrees, Institutions, Certificates and Professional Licenses:

Ph.D., Social Ethics / social - Political Philosophy, Michigan State University
MA Philosophy, Michigan State University
Certificate: Educational Admin., Central Michigan University
BA Theology & Philosophy, St. Joseph College, Indiana

Work Experiences that reflect present expertise:

  • Director of Peace and Justice Office, Diocese of Lansing
  • Member of "Committee for the Advancement of Racial Equality" (CARE!), Catholic Charities, USA
  • Prisoners Support Group (State of Michigan, Prisons)
  • College Teacher (Philosophy)
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Lesbian / Gay Ministry

Address, Phone, Fax, and / email address:

Dr. C. Michael Liberato
Director Peace & Justice Office
Catholic Charities
Diocese of Lansing
300 W. Ottawa Street
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (517) 342-2466
Fax: (517) 342-2446

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